The Voyage - Seton Hall Men's Basketball - A Pirate Sports Network Production

Collegiate Student Collegiate Student - Program Series 2020

Duration 10:00

Pirate Sports Network members Director & Editor - Keith Egan, Seton Hall Class of 2020 Cameramen - Keith Egan, Joe Binder, Seton Hall Class of 2020, Drew Miller, Seton Hall Class of 2022 The Voyage was a creative way to document the Seton Hall men's basketball team's 2019-20 season that resulted in a top-15 national ranking finish, a BIG EAST regular season championship and what would have been a top-four seed in the NCAA Tournament as well as the program's first consensus first-team All-American since 1953 in Myles Powell. The Voyage gave viewers a front row seat taking, them through the storylines of each matchup, home and away. Seton Hall students shot The Voyage using their own personal equipment, including Sony a7iii cameras with 24-105 lenses and on-camera rode microphones. They edited and color corrected on Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. The episodes were produced in a 24-hour turnaround. All episodes of The Voyage are available to watch on the school's YouTube channel: