Collegiate Athletics Collegiate Athletics - Special Feature 2020

Duration 3:32

Concept/Execution - Zach Swartz Producer/Editor - Zach Swartz Script Adapter - Zach Swartz Primary Shooter - Zach Swartz Voiceover - Derrick Moore Additional footage from Ohio State University, Ohio State Athletics & Ohio State Football archives, as well as fan submissions Ohio State Football published multiple social media posts of major Ohio State moments and asked fans to submit content of their memories from watching each moment. Those submissions were then compiled during final montage. Purpose of video was to unite and provide hope for Ohio State Football fan base, state of Ohio, and football fans in general during COVID-19 pandemic, and to strengthen the concepts of "fight" and "family" within the Ohio State brand. Concept behind the video was twofold: 1. Because we are all in separate places, the video was meant to remind us what it's like to share in a moment together, whether in stadium, at home, or in public. 2. Instead of simply playing out the moments, staged scenes of models experiencing those moments as they would in "quarantine" were shot. Overall feel: We are all experiencing similar feelings of loss, uncertainty and anxiety during this time, but soon we will all be back in the same, familiar places together. Scenes were staged and shot suing throughout Zach's home. Clips on phones, iPads, etc. were created using Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects, then rendered out as videos and played back on the device to appear authentic (old television shot was done in After Effects). From start to finish, overall production time was approximately 2 weeks, including compiling of fan submissions.