ACC Game Changers: ClemsonLife

College Conferences and Governing Bodies Special Feature 2019

Duration 5:23

Executive Producer – Scott McBurney Producer/Editor – Brian Kast The ACC Game Changers Award was created to recognize volunteer programs that are being conducted on all the campuses of the ACC. Voted upon by the ACC Student Athlete Advisory Committee each summer the winning entry is then recognized with a video feature and trophy presentation at an awards banquet each spring. This feature lives on the and ACC Digital Network, as well as, the winning schools website. ClemsonLife is a multi-year program established to help mentally challenged young adults learn skills that can prepare them for life beyond that of living with parents or caregivers. The Clemson athletic department, as a whole, has embraced this program and offers engagement with coaches and student athletes in all sports. The benefits of the program has inspired the lives of the ClemsonLife students and also those of the student athletes that are involved.