TCU Football 2017 Intro Video

Collegiate Athletics Promotional Video 2018

Duration 1:45

TCU Football's 2017 intro video was shot using a Sony FS7 in 4K at 23.98 fps. During the shoot we utilized a high definition laser projector to project selected clips onto our football player's uniform, body, and surroundings. Later in post we composited those shots in After Effects with the same selected clips, showing our player being enveloped by the video. The ominous hacker warning portrayed in the video was enhanced by a multitude of custom glitching effects and a combination of three chaotic music cues. From the beginning the intro was designed to be unique to each opponent TCU Football faced at home. It features clips of the opposing team's mascots or traditions at the open of the video to denote the audience of the video's warning. The end of the video makes use of a short hook and looping graphic to allow time for for the team to take the field. The intro was cut using Premiere Pro. Producer: Chris Salters Director of Photography: Nick Utter Editor: Clayton Regian Visual Effects: Chris Salters