Syracuse Men's Lacrosse vs Navy

Collegiate Athletics Live Game Production 2019

Duration 4:59

Scott Hecht - Coordinating Producer/Director Kristin Hennessey - Producer Tom White - Engineer James Hamilton - Operations Manager I strongly believe that good sports television is all about storytelling. No need for all the technical whiz-bang that you can buy out of a box, it's all about story lines, camera cuts, good audio from the field and timely replays. I feel this telecast captured all of the elements needed to create a memorable telecast. The story line we promoted and followed throughout this game was not just the battle of two very good lacrosse teams but the head to head battle of two brothers. Joe and Danny Varello are local kids who grew up playing on the same teams for most of their lives. One chose Navy and the other chose Syracuse. We stayed with the story of the brothers battling on the draws all game long. As luck would have it, the game came down to one magical moment for the Varello family.