Syracuse Athletic Productions - Men's Rowing

Collegiate Athletics Live Game Production 2019

Duration 4:59

Scott Hecht - Coordinating Producer / Director Kristin Hennessey - Producer Tom White - Engineer James Hamilton - Operations Manager We are given the freedom by our Athletic Director to stray outside the normal production guidelines and find ways to tell the story of Syracuse Athletics. The opportunity to produce a men's rowing meet provided us this chance on Facebook Live and YouTube. Equipped with a drone, two cameras and wireless audio gear we made it happen for our audience. The planned race course for the event was changed due to weather conditions the morning we arrived at the event. Race conditions were: 30 degrees, windy and snow on the lake. Gone were the beautiful views of trees, bridges and the Syracuse boathouse. Instead we had to televise the race on open waters along the shore of Onadaga Lake. We scrambled that morning and adjusted our coverage plans and still made a compelling day of racing between Wisconsin and Syracuse enjoyable for our viewers. I am proud of our final efforts and the work of our crew. We live to be pushed to create memorable content. We believe this production is a good indicator of the level and style of work we produce.