Sooner Sports Game Day

Collegiate Athletics Live Non Game Production 2018

Duration 4:58

Produced live and on-location every Saturday morning at 10:00 AM, "Sooner Sports Game Day" is the official pregame show of the Oklahoma Sooners. Submitted video is an unedited, 5-minute slice of the broadcast from November 11th, prior to the match-up between No. 6 TCU and No. 5 Oklahoma. Crew list: EVS - Logan Boren & Steven Thorn Graphics - Sierra Sanders Graphics Producer - Davis Kuck Graphics Designer - Craig Moran Audio - Keegan Kirkhart TD - Michael Cord Camera - Matt Bradley, Stan Chase, Jonathan Hodgson Shading - Steve Bottkol Engineers - Craig Moore, Trenton McVicker & Ken McCracken Director - Grant Wade Talent - Chad McKee, Teddy Lehman, Jessica Coody Producer - Jacob Potter