Onward Notre Dame

Collegiate Athletics Program Series 2018

Duration 10:00

Executive Producer: Jodain Massad Producer: Zach Dudka Producer: Cody Baker Editors: Robert Campbell and Stephen Ruminski Audio: Randy Orak Assistants: Anna Gonzalez, Jon Cotton & Jasmine Curry Project Manager: Jaye Galloway Onward Notre Dame, Fighting Irish Media's longest-form in-house content for the broadcast and digital space, is our vehicle to tell complex 22 minute documentary narratives that showcase the best stories of Notre Dame Athletics. Some episodes feature a championship retrospective, the history of a position or tradition, the life of an individual, or the history of a rivalry. In excerpts for this entry, "The USC Rivalry” episode treats fans, not just of Notre Dame, but of the history of college football, to the story of the greatest intersectional rivalry in the country. "Corey Robinson" follows star wide receiver who became elected student body class president and his vision toward cultural impact. "The House That Rockne Built" debuted on NBC before the opening of our stadium expansion in 2017, showcasing the propulsion of tradition in our newly modeled "home".