Collegiate Athletics Program Series 2018

Duration 10:00

This show is produced in the 5 days following all Penn State Football games, typically airing by 2pm on Thursday. This involves an imbedded crew, following the team throughout their collegiate careers both on and off the field. We are granted access to nearly all aspects of the Football program. From the signing of the newest players, to watching them cross the stage at graduation, we are with them to capture it all. The segments included are from Episode 1: Spring Recap, Episode 5: Penn State at Iowa, and Episode 12: Senior Day, Penn State vs Nebraska. Production Staff: Mindy McMahon - Executive Producer Don Hampton - Senior Producer/Director Ken Grau - Producer/Director Matt Stephens - Videographer & Editor Blake Newsock - Videographer & Editor Micayla Catanzariti - Videographer & Editor Chris Kugler - Videographer & Editor Clint Yoder - Audio Tech Mickey Klein - Audio Tech