Men's Basketball - Cornell at Syracuse

Collegiate Athletics Live Game Production 2018

Duration 4:45

Scott Hecht - Sr. Producer/Director Kristin Hennessey - Producer Tom White - Broadcast Engineer James Hamilton - Operations Manager This is the first year that Syracuse Athletic Productions has created content on any level. The entire production department was hired over the past summer prior to the beginning of the school year. In the past 7+ months we have produced over 80 events that have aired on the ACC Extra Network and (our YouTube channel). This game was chosen for submission to SVG because it showcases what we hope is a broadcast level production using Syracuse staff, students and freelance technicians. Currently we only have 4 broadcast cameras (game, tight, and 2- handheld) plus 2 "slam cams" available for our basketball telecasts which limits our coverage. We realize that in order to provide the viewer the best possible coverage we need to become as creative as we can utilizing every resource available to ourselves. I chose this event for submission because this game was very important for the fans in the Syracuse area. Head coach Jim Boeheim is a coaching legend at Syracuse and his children have grown up in front of the residents of this town. Boeheim's oldest son, Jimmy chose to play at Cornell which is located only 1 hour from the Syracuse campus. This game would be the first collegiate game of Jimmy's career. The buzz from fans was electric to see one of their favorite sons back in the Dome to face the Orange. We interviewed Coach Boeheim days before the event and also had his wife (Julie) appear on the broadcast in the second half of the game. The televised production was a big success and well received in the community. It is our storytelling within our productions that leaves a mark with the audience. We believe that good, clean and memorable television is what the viewer wants.