Collegiate Athletics Program Series 2017

Duration 9:06

Producer: Josh Long Executive Producer: Jodain Massad Production Crew: Randy Orak, Jonathon Cotton, Jasmine Curry, Anna Gonzalez, Eric Wisniewski, Rosie Biehl, Kevin Barrett, Cody Baker, Zach Dudka Director of FIM: Daniel Skendzel As Fighting Irish Media's most recognizable and most watched series brand, ICON delivers an authentic behind-the-scenes look at the Notre Dame football team. Fans can watch the game on tv, but with ICON - they can see, hear and feel the emotion. From halftime speeches to touchdown celebrations ICON shows the true character of Notre Dame's student-athletes who leave everything they have on the field. The 2016 season saw a lot of strife and pain, but with ICON never strayed and continued to deliver.