Ryerson - WVB 24/7 series - SVG submission

Collegiate Athletics Program Series 2017

Duration 9:29

The series follows the Ryerson Rams women's volleyball team on its journey through the 2016-17 season which concluded with the team hosting the U SPORTS national championship tournament. Series was produced almost entirely by 4th year Film Studies student Elwin van Alst (planning, writing, shooting, editing, pre/post production). Assistance with writing and voiceover by 3rd year Sport Media student Stan Temming. Staff supervision by Jim McLarty, Communications and New Media Coordinator, Ryerson University Athletics. Footage shot primarily with Sony FS7 with supplementary footage from Sony Nxcam AVCHD Episode 1 - A New Season (running time 7:35) Episode 2 - Game Day (part 1) (running time 6:01) Episode 3 - Game Day (part 2) (running time 13:42) Extended Look – Sick Kid’s Donation (running time 1:14) Episode 4 - A Day in the Life Community Event (running time 7:37) Extended Look - B.C. Trip (running time 6:59) Episode 5 - OUA Final 4 (running time 19:35) to be released early May Episode 6 - Nationals (running time 13:03) to be released mid May