The Grind | Colorado State Football (Stan Gilliland)

Collegiate Athletics Program Series 2016

Duration 10:00

Producer: Stanton Gilliland Student Assistant: Dan Cumming The Grind is a video series that I created two years ago for both our team and fan base. I created it to draw attention to our football program and university as well as the family oriented culture within college athletics. Each week, I create a single episode by interviewing athletes, shooting as much footage as possible (games, practice, etc.) and finally editing in a way that allows the players to narrate their own story. While I handle all aspects of production, I was able to harvest the skill set of one eager and dedicated student, Dan Cumming. He shot on game days and would also help in naming and organization. I am in no way capable of knowing how many hours went into each episode, but I can tell you that it was worth the effort. Players opened up, allowed themselves to be vulnerable to their own stories and, as a result, helped define their team as a family. THE GRIND EXCERPTS Episode 1 - The Dream Shall Never Die This episode offered closure to the 2014 season, while introducing an attitude which was realized through success and family. Episode 3 - One Heartbeat This episode define the depth of the brotherhood within our locker room, one in which players came forward to help each other with problems deeper than football. Episode 9 - The Unknown Soldiers This episode dawned light on the most selfless position group in the country, a group that every team, large or small, relies on each and every week. The scout team is profiled and speaks on what it's like to play simply for the love of the game. Episode 11 - Virtues This episode profiles a former NFL player who was being introduced into the Colorado State Hall of Fame. He speaks on the death of his former teammate and what role football played in their relationship. Virtues is perhaps the most emotional episode in the first two years of The Grind. The full series is available on our YouTube channel at: