Men's Basketball - Wofford at Mercer - FoxSports Southeast

Collegiate Athletics Live Game Production 2016

Duration 4:59

This broadcast featured new Southern Conference rivals Wofford and Mercer. The game was part of the the first campus-produced basketball package for FoxSports Southeast. Making this broadcast even more remarkable was that it was done by a 73% Mercer student crew, including the replay operator who built the roll-out on the fly. Lisa Cherry - Producer (Staff) Brad Bostwick - EIC (Staff) Michael Fox - Director/TD (Grad. Student) Jeff Feighner (Freelance) Paul Lollis (Conference) Tricia Surber (Student) Chandler Apple (Student) Shayna Waltower (Student) Dylan Deboer (Student) Avery Braxton (Student) Mark Moughamian (Student) Alex Sandifer (Student) Don Harding (Student) Emanuela Rendini (Student) Alicia Argote (Student)